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Brie DeMone is the Executive Director of Acute, Tertiary and Specialty Care (ATSC) at Manitoba Health, Healthy Living and Seniors. Brie leads a great team in the development and implementation of acute, tertiary and specialty care policy, service planning and funding accountability. In addition to acute care policy and planning, the ATSC team leads a wide variety of portfolios including critical incident legislation compliance, provincial patient safety initiatives, critical incident monitoring and reporting, community health assessments, acute care wait times data collection, reporting and monitoring, Lean Six Sigma strategy, and the Manitoba Patient Access Network.

Brie co-chairs the Manitoba Quality and Patient Safety Council and the Manitoba Acute and Specialty Health Care Services Council. Brie is a non-voting member of the Provincial Medical Leadership Council. Brie is the administrative director of the In Sixty Initiative’s patient participation advisory group and rapid improvement leads community of practice.  Brie is a member of several Provincial/ Territorial committees including the Canadian Joint Replacement Registry Advisory Committee and the Pan-Canadian Health Quality Collaboration.

Brie DeMone