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Critical Incidents and Disclosure

A Guide to a Critical Incident and Disclosure: Information for Patients and Families

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The Facts about Critical Incidents and their Disclosure: Frequently Asked Questions for Healthcare Providers

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Posters for organizations

Download each poster in pdf format or order from MIPS.


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Disclosure – It's the right thing to do

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Disclosure – your right to be informed

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Have you been involved in a critical incident?

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The Importance and Impact of an Apology

An Information Sheet from the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety and the Manitoba Alliance of Health Regulatory Colleges

Patients and their families expect to be told when something has happened that has harmed them or had the potential to harm them. It is natural to follow this with a sincere ad honest expression of regret (an apology). Manitoba has an Apology Act that prevents an apology from being admitted as evidence of fault or legal liability. It prohibits apologies from being used in court. Under the legislation, an apology does not void, impair or affect malpractice or liability insurance coverage. Learn more about it here - The Information Sheet on Manitoba’s Apology Act