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Patient Engagement

Declaration of Patient and Family Engagement in Patient Safety

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My Patient Advocate Agreement

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The agreement is for people who wish to appoint a person(s) to speak and act on their behalf.

S.A.F.E. (Self Advocacy For Everyone) Toolkit

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The healthcare system is complex. It can be scary to some people. Everyone has a role to play in the safety of patients. The S.A.F.E. Toolkit has information, tips and resources that can help people learn to be more involved in their healthcare. It consists of key patient safety topics in summary and full version formats, and a Leader’s Guide for health care providers and community leaders.

S.A.F.E. Toolkit DVD Series is a series of animated videos based on topics in the S.A.F.E. Toolkit. These videos supplement the written material.

Learn to be Safe – Patient Safety Videos

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