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League of Champions

Everyone – patients, family, healthcare providers and healthcare organizations – is responsible for patient safety. Working together, we can make a difference and improve patient safety in healthcare settings across Manitoba. In order to recognize the passion of patient safety champions in Manitoba, we have established the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety League of Champions.

Who will be invited to join our League of Champions?

Individuals who:

• take action to support/promote/advocate for patient safety strategies

• engage patient safety as a leader, contributing to the improvement of patient safety

• inspire others to take action to improve patient safety

• leverage their resources to extend the patient safety message

What are our expectations of the members of our League of Champions?

We hope that our champions will:

• increase the voice of patient safety through the healthcare system

• leverage their contacts in the community and health system

• participate in periodic MIPS’ focus groups and consultations

• promote MIPS and our volunteer program

• consent to be added to our League of Champions on-line roster to build a collection of voices intent on improving the culture of patient safety in Manitoba.

League of Champions Roster

We are pleased to recognize the following for their patient safety contributions:


Connie Newman, Manitoba Association of Senior Centres

Debbie Riel, MIPS Volunteer

Debbie Schulz, MIPS Volunteer

Jan Coates, MIPS Volunteer

Laura Mackenzie, MIPS Volunteer

Lorna Doolan, MIPS Volunteer

Meegan Carson, MIPS Volunteer

Monica Woods, MIPS Volunteer

Pat Porth, Two Rivers Senior Resource Council Inc.

Sandra Ragheb, MIPS Volunteer

Sonja Lundström, MIPS Volunteer

Susan Van Koughnet, MIPS Volunteer

Wendy Sutton, Where Next? A Path for Caregivers