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Some of MIPS resources are available free-of-charge

for Manitoba organizations and individuals.

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Summary of available MIPS Resources

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Declaration of patient/ family engagement

a) The Declaration Itself

b) Patient Values

c) Principles of Partnership

d) Patient Rights and Responsibilities

It’s Safe to Ask Brochures – English, French & 13 other languages

It’s Safe to Ask Posters – English, French & 13 other languages

My Patient Advocate Agreement

a) My Patient Advocate Agreement –  English & French

b) Promotional Poster –  English & French

c) Tips on Finding an Advocate

Medication Cards – Bilingual

5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications

a) Poster –  English & French

b) Patient Notes –  English & French


a) It’s Safe to Ask: Medication Card (3 videos) – English

b) Learn to be Safe – Patient Safety Videos (5 videos) – English & French

c) We Listen, We Learn, We AdVANCE (with Donna Davis) – English

d) Self-Advocacy for Everyone (S.A.F.E.) Toolkit Video Series (8 videos) – English *NEW*

Self-Advocacy for Everyone (S.A.F.E.) Toolkit

DO NOT USE Abbreviations List

DO NOT USE Abbreviations Reminder Posters

The Facts About Critical Incidents and Disclosure: FAQ for Healthcare Providers

The Facts About Critical Incidents and Disclosure: FAQ for Healthcare Public – English & French

Disclosure Posters (Set of 4) – English & French

Apology Act

Simulation "Learn to be Safe" Toolkit

Learn to be Safe – Medication Safety. A Guide for Pharmacists

Manitoba Physical Education and Health Education Curriculum – Supplements

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