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The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety (MIPS) Patient Safety Champion Award celebrates someone from our membership working in the healthcare system, who shows a passion and commitment for improving patient safety.

The 2017 Patient Safety Champion Award was presented to Steve Geletchuk. Steve is the  Manager of Disaster and Emergency Preparedness, Prairie Mountain Health.

Steve Geletchuk is described as the "epitome of patient safety" and a patient safety "superhero" .

For the past 10 years Steve has taken the responsibility of patient safety by implementing, educating and managing emergency preparedness in 55 health care facilities covering 64,000 square kilometers.

Disaster and Emergency Preparedness is about looking ahead at what could happen and mitigating risk. Steve has gone over and above in his role as manager to do this. Some of his achievements have been:

• combining rural disaster plans with incident command to create one operation for ease and understanding of use

• providing Incident Management education and roll out to 8500 staff

• creating eLearning tools for the 8500 staff to remain current with their individual roles in emergency and disaster settings

• training in fire prevention and program management

• annual fire safety inspections for all health facilities in the region and providing orientation

• implementing a one page, standardized checklist Disaster Plan across the region

• implementing standardized fire drill procedures

• developing a quick reference guide of the Disaster Plan enabling employees to step into the role of Incident Commander in the event of a disaster

• establishing a

o Major Incident Response Vehicle and

o A Disaster Response Unit

• implementing an Electronic Incident Reporting System which provides metrics for program improvement and identifies actual risks to each site in the region for real time reporting

• monitoring the annual provincial flood forecast to assess its impact on the health system and infrastructure

Steve has provided continuing staff education through on site presentations, webinars and online learning modules all reinforced with monthly practice drills.

Steve, in his work, has used the principles of patient safety and those of high reliability organizations. He is preoccupied with the "what ifs", by looking ahead, anticipating and being prepared for potential risks. Key principles of patient safety such as standardization, teamwork and good communication are built into everything Steve does.

 Steve truly is a patient safety champion and his work is instrumental in keeping patients and community safe in the face of a disaster.


Patient Safety Champion Award