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The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety (MIPS) Patient Safety Champion Award celebrates someone from our membership working in the healthcare system, who shows a passion and commitment for improving patient safety

The 2018 Patient Safety Champion Award was presented to Sandra Dalke, provincial coordinator for the province’s Unified Referral and Intake System (URIS).

Dalke is the axis of the very dynamic, complex, interrelated URIS program which includes health professionals, lay persons, educators, administrators and policy makers.  Her role is vital to ensuring that all the children within the URIS system are provided optimum care and are safe within an environment in which they live and interact, while they are away from their parents or caregivers.

Dalke was chosen for "providing the outstanding leadership expertise" that makes it possible for about 15,000 Manitoba children and youth with special healthcare needs to not be “patients”, but regular children in schools, day cares and formal respite programs each year.  Their complex healthcare needs include such conditions as bleeding disorders, cardiac and endocrine conditions, diabetes, seizure disorders, and special respiratory needs, to name a few.

Under Sandra’s leadership a team of more than 30 registered nurses train thousands of community-based administrators.  Teachers and child care workers are trained and unified so that these young people can enact their right to grow and thrive in the community along with their peers at more than 450 schools and 600 child care facilities so.

Above all, the ultimate goal for Sandra Dalke is safe healthcare. People who know and work with Sandra see a health professional who is extremely dedicated, hard-working, and very caring, right to her core.

Patient Safety Champion Award 2018

Photo - Sandra Dalke accepts Patient Safety Champion Award
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