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Medication Safety

Do Not Use List of Abbreviations

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Recommended list of dangerous abbreviations, symbols and dose designations to be eliminated from use in Manitoba’s medication use system. A pocket size and poster size Do Not Use List are available to download.

To order printed copies please email us at admin@mips.ca or call our office at 204.927.6477 or 1.866.927.6477 for further details. Maximum quantities may apply.

Reminder Posters

A series of reminder posters that show real examples of error prone abbreviations, doses and symbols are available to download or order.

> Generic medication names

> Lead, don't follow

> Clear, complete prescriptions decrease medication errors

> Put the reason next to the order

> Substituting

> Spell it out daily

> Don't abbreviate

> It's worth the weight

To order printed copies please call our office at 204.927.6477 or 1-866-927-6477.

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