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Medication Safety

Learn to be Safe – Medication Safety.

A Guide for Pharmacists

The guide is for pharmacists and other healthcare providers to plan and deliver effective presentations, discussion groups, or workshops aimed at talking with patients and their families on ways to improve medication safety. Medication incidents are a leading type of patient safety incident and can result in patient harm, disability and death. This guide can help you to:

• deliver key medication safety messages to the public

• promote patient and family engagement

• promote community connections with healthcare providers

• raise awareness of everyone’s role in improving patient safety

Everyone wins when patients, families and healthcare providers work in partnership to improve medication safety!

The College of Pharmacists of Manitoba have also created Age Friendly Pharmacy Practice online learning modules, and adaptable power-point presentations for pharmacists, as well as for community outreach initiatives.

Core Content

Basic Presentation (Powerpoint) – adapt as needed.

Appendix APointers for Presenters

Appendix BPatient Stories

Appendix C Patient and Family Engagement Tools

Appendix D – Supplemental Topics

Supplemental Topic – Children and Teens

Supplemental Topic – High Alert Meds

Supplemental Topic – Seniors

Supplemental Topic – Travelling

Supplemental Topic – Cancer Meds at Home

Cancer Meds at Home (Powerpoint)

Appendix EPresentation Aids

Aid 1: Sample Event Poster

Aid 2: Participant Sign-in Sheet

Aid 3: Medication Safety Quiz

Aid 4: MIPS It's Safe to Ask – Safe Use of Medications

Aid 5: Learn to Read Your Prescription

Aid 6: Learn to Read You Prescription Label

Aid 7: What are Auxiliary Labels?

Aid 8: Participant Evaluation Form

Aid 9: Presenter Log and Feedback Form

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