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League of Champions

Everyone – patients, family, healthcare providers and healthcare organizations – is responsible for patient safety. Working together, we can make a difference and improve patient safety in healthcare settings across Manitoba. The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety League of Champions was created to recognize passion for patient safety in Manitoba.

Who was invited to join our League of Champions?

Individuals who:

• took action to support/promote/advocate for patient safety strategies

• engaged patient safety as a leader, contributing to the improvement of patient safety

• inspired others to take action to improve patient safety

• leveraged their resources to extend the patient safety message

League of Champions Roster

We are pleased to recognize the following for their patient safety contributions:


Dee Dee Budgell-Short, Member of the Public

Isabelle Jarrin, WRHA

Paula Orecklin, Member of the Public

Ioana Popescu, Healthcare Excellence Canada

Sandra Prince, Volunteer

Tracy Thiele, WRHA


Jan Byrd, Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Wendy Gobert, Victoria General Hospital

Ronald Guse, Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Mac Horsburgh,  Member of the Public

Barbara Kitzan, CancerCare Manitoba

Anne MacLaurin, Canadian Patient Safety Institute

Shannon Moore, S.T.A.R.S. Air Ambulance

Dr. Luis Oppenheimer, WRHA

Heather Orellana, Victoria General Hospital

Sarah Painter, S.T.A.R.S.

Leanne Pickering, Northern Health Region

Heather Purvis, CancerCare Manitoba

Dr. Michael Routledge, First Nations and Inuit Health

Kevin Turner, Member of the Public

Sharon Zeiler, Prairie Mountain Health


Barbara Bromilow, Beausejour Rexall

Tamara Coombs, Victoria General Hospital

Rachel Ganaden, WHRA

Brenda Solomon, Eden Mental Health Centre

Lesley Worsnop, Beausejour Rexall


Lisa Albensi, Volunteer

Cara Brown, Volunteer

Heather Campbell, IERHA Quality & Patient Safety

Ryan Chan, Exchange District Pharmacy

Kristi Chorney, Prairie Mountain Health

Sandra Dalke, WRHA

Kevin Eckert, Volunteer

Steve Geletchuk, Disaster & Emergency Preparedness Program

Cheryl Harder, WRHA Quality Improvement & Patient Safety

Jeffrey Klassen, Max Rady College of Medicine, University of Manitoba

Naomi Komolafe, Volunteer

Karen Leifso, Volunteer

Susan Lessard-Friesen, College of Pharmacists of Manitoba

Justin Lin, Volunteer

Lisa Nagorski, Interlake-Eastern Regional Health Authority

Anthony Ngayan, Volunteer

Gale Schultz, WRHA

Jing Wang, Volunteer

Dr. Marnie Waters, Winnipeg Access Clinic

Monique Wichenko, Grace Hospital


Meegan Carson, MIPS Volunteer

Jan Coates, MIPS Volunteer

Lorna Doolan, MIPS Volunteer

Sonja Lundström, MIPS Volunteer

Laura Mackenzie, MIPS Volunteer

Connie Newman, Manitoba Association of Senior Centres

Pat Porth, Two Rivers Senior Resource Council Inc.

Sandra Ragheb, MIPS Volunteer

Debbie Riel, MIPS Volunteer

Debbie Schulz, MIPS Volunteer

Wendy Sutton, Where Next? A Path for Caregivers

Susan Van Koughnet, MIPS Volunteer

Monica Woods, MIPS Volunteer