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Medication Safety

Information for Patients and Families

On your Medication Card, list

• both regularly used and “as needed”:

• prescription medication

• non-prescription medications

• vitamins, herbal, natural products

• dosages

• when you take the medication

• why you take the medication

Include your actual medication use and not only how it was originally prescribed or labelled for use.

When you go from one care setting to another, you should be given a list of current medications. This includes when you are:

• admitted to the hospital, during specific in-hospital transfers, and at discharge from the hospital

• admitted (or re-admitted) to a personal care home or long term care facility

• seen by a family doctor or primary care provider

• being supported by home care providers

Asking questions is important to get information needed to take medications correctly. It’s safe to ask about your medications.

Where to get your It’s Safe to Ask Medication Card

• Download from the links provided on this page

• Seniors Resource Councils (call 204-934-6565 or 1-800-665-6565 to find yours)

• Ask at your pharmacy

• Ask your physician or primary care provider

Medication Card and why it's important – Video

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How to fill in and use the Medication Card – Video

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