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Medication Safety

5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications

Tips Sheet on asking questions about medications: It’s Safe to Ask!


Deprescribing is about reducing and stopping medications that may no longer be of benefit or may cause harm. The goal of deprescribing is to reduce harm by stopping prescriptions of inappropriate medications.

The Canadian Deprescribing Network is dedicated to raising awareness of medication safety, deprescribing and safer alternatives to risky medications.

Choosing Wisely

“Choosing Wisely” is a campaign to help healthcare providers and patients talk about what tests, treatments and procedures are: supported by research, free from harm, truly necessary, and right for patients.

Choosing Wisely Canada has many patient-friendly materials, meant to help patients learn about medications, when they are necessary and when they are not, and what patients can do to improve their own health.

5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications Patient Notes

5 Questions to Ask About Your Medications Poster

Get your Medication Card Here! – Bilingual

Both versions can be downloaded and saved to your computer to print. PDF Fillable version – Download and save template first before filling in your information.

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Disclaimer on Medication Card

This form does not replace medication orders given on how to take your medicine. This is your personal medical information so please take care of it.

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It's Safe to Ask Medication Card

Patients, families and advocates are vital partners in providing accurate and detailed information about the medications they take

and how they are taking them.

• Keep an up-to-date medication list

• Carry the medication card with you

• Show your card always

For more information on keeping track of medications, watch this video on One Simple Solution for Medication Safety.

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Opioid Use for Pain After Surgery

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