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Many organizations and professional groups are working on programs, toolkits and other resources to help reduce falls. They provide information to help people not to fall, come up with new ideas on how to prevent falls, and decide what kinds of research is needed to help patients. These groups include:

• Choosing Wisely Canada

o Insomnia and anxiety in older people: sleeping pills are usually not the best solution

o Treating disruptive behavior in people with dementia

Fall Prevention Community of Practice (Ontario)

Falls (Canadian Patient Safety Institute)

Centre for Hip Health and Mobility (British Columbia)

Fall Prevention Center of Excellence (California)

Older Adult Falls (CDC, US)


Many sites offer suggestions for seniors who wish to reduce their risk of falling.

Staying On Your Feet: Taking Steps to Prevent Falls  (Manitoba)

Preventing Falls for Children and Adults (Manitoba)

Falls are Preventable (WRHA, Manitoba)

Fall Prevention (BC)

Finding Balance (Alberta)

Take Action: Prevent a fall before it happens (Alberta)