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Make it Safe to Ask

Make it Safe to Ask is part of the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety's health literacy initiative It’s Safe to Ask. It encourages that healthcare providers be supportive of their patients asking questions, and helps establish a relationship of engagement between patient and healthcare provider. This helps patients and families become active participants in their healthcare. Learn about how to “make it safe to ask” here.

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• Patient Safety: A Primer is a resource that can be used alone for information on patient safety basic concepts for healthcare providers and students, or as part of the Learn to be Safe resource.

> Patient Safety: A Primer

Permission is granted to copy, distribute and transmit only unaltered copies of the documents and materials from Learn to be Safe – A Simulation Learning Experience, for non-commercial purposes. For more information, contact the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety.

The Importance and Impact of an Apology

An Information Sheet from the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety and the Manitoba Alliance of Health Regulatory Colleges

Patients and their families expect to be told when something has happened that has harmed them or had the potential to harm them. It is natural to follow this with a sincere ad honest expression of regret (an apology). Manitoba has an Apology Act that prevents an apology from being admitted as evidence of fault or legal liability. It prohibits apologies from being used in court. Under the legislation, an apology does not void, impair or affect malpractice or liability insurance coverage.

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Learn to be Safe –

A Simulation Learning Experience

Learn to be Safe – A Simulation Learning Experience contains:

• Patient Safety: A Primer, outlining core concepts and resources about patient safety

• A Leader’s Guide to orient leaders about simulation and the kit’s resources

• Scenario Guides for 2 case simulations, “Maureen’s Journey” and “Gene’s Story”

• Learner’s workbooks that prepare participants for the exercise. It can be used to take notes and observances during the simulation and in discussions afterward

• Character briefings, character photos, props and resources for participants to enact the simulations.

How to order a Kit

To order printed copies please email us at or call our office at 204.927.6477 or 1.866.927.6477 for further details. Maximum quantities may apply.

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Patient & Family Engagement – Advocacy
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