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Patient & Family Engagement

• Institute for Healthcare Improvement. Person- and family-centered care.

• AHRQ, PSNet. Patient safety primer: Patient engagement and patient safety.

• World Health Organization. Patient engagement.

Patient education on infection control: A systematic review. (2020). Full Text

 This study identifies literature that assesses hospitalized patients' education on IC measures.

Patient portals facilitating engagement with inpatient electronic medical records: a systematic review. (2019) Full Text

Examines the use of patient portals that provide access to electronic medical records and their role in patient engagement.


Advancing patient engagement: youth and family participation in health research communities of practice. (2018) Full Text

Looks at the involvement of patients as co-researchers and more than just a participant.


Patient engagement in Canada: a scoping review of the ‘how’ and ‘what’ of patient engagement in health research. (2018) Full Text

This is a scoping review to identify methods and outcomes of patient engagement in health research.


Structured approaches to promote patient and family engagement in treatment in acute care hospital settings protocol for a systematic scoping review. (2018) Full Text

The review identifies and classifies approaches in acute care hospitals to engage patient and families in treatment according to the behavior change technique taxonomy; and evaluates and synthesizes the outcomes for these approaches for patients and families, healthcare providers, and health administrators/funders.


Bringing value-based perspective to care: including patient and family members in decision-making processes. (2017) Full Text

This article discusses a strategy for system-level implementation of including patients and families in primary healthcare decision-making.


Can patient involvement improve patient safety? A cluster randomised control trial of the Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment (PRASE) intervention. (2017) Full Text

Evaluates the efficacy of the Patient Reporting and Action for a Safe Environment intervention.


Strategies and impacts of patient and family engagement in collaborative mental healthcare: protocol for a systematic and realist review. (2016) Full Text

This article aims to describe strategies used to engage people with depression or anxiety disorders and their families in CMHC and understand how these strategies work.


Involving patients in patient safety programmes: A scoping review and consensus procedure by the LINNEAUS collaboration on patient safety in primary care. (2015) Full Text

A review of interventions focussing on patient involvement for patient safety.


Patient portals and patient engagement: A state of the science review. (2015) Full Text

Demonstrates that patients' interest and ability to use patient portals is strongly influenced by personal factors such age, ethnicity, education level, health literacy, health status, and role as a caregiver.

Development and validation of a short and easy-to-use instrument for measuring health literacy: the Health Literacy Instrument for Adults (HELIA). (2020). Full Text

This study aimed to develop and psychometrically evaluate an instrument for measuring health literacy among adults (the Health Literacy Instrument for Adults - HELIA).


Beyond reading and understanding: health literacy as the capacity to act. (2018) Full Text

Evidence on the effectiveness of health literacy interventions in the EU: a systematic review. (2018) Full Text

Organizational health literacy: review of theories, frameworks, guides, and implementation issues. (2018) Full Text

Community-based initiatives improving critical health literacy: a systematic review and meta-synthesis of qualitative evidence. (2017) Full Text

What role does health literacy play in patients' involvement in medical decision-making? (2017) Full Text

Aging and Functional Health Literacy: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. (2016) Full Text

The application of health literacy measurement tools (collective or individual domains) in assessing chronic disease management: a systematic review protocol. (2016) Full Text

A dynamic approach to communication in health literacy education. (2016) Full Text

Patient & Family Engagement – Advocacy
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