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In 2007, the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety (MIPS) established a Patient Advisory Committee (M-PAC). M-PAC worked collaboratively with MIPS to promote safety in healthcare. The committee was a means to involving the public, patients and families directly in the work of MIPS.

As public, patients and family involvement in healthcare has grown, so has MIPS. To expand MIPS’ outreach on patient safety we have transitioned the Patient Advisory Committee to a volunteer program.

Declaration statement – Role of volunteers in achieving the mission of MIPS

The board and staff of the Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety believe that volunteer involvement1:

• contributes to promoting and enhancing patient safety in Manitoba

• strengthens communities by promoting change and development of self-advocacy knowledge and skills, fostered by those who know their community best

• benefits MIPS by increasing the capacity of MIPS to accomplish our mission of promoting and enhancing patient safety in Manitoba

• enhances community relationships and volunteer contributions to their community

The goals for volunteer involvement at MIPS are:

• develop effective community partnerships to promote and enhance patient safety in Manitoba

• engage the public in developing community knowledge of and skill in self-advocacy and health literacy

• enhance the capacity of MIPS to reach demographically, geographically and culturally diverse populations in Manitoba

We need your help.

The Manitoba Institute for Patient Safety is recruiting volunteers to help educate the public and to empower some of the most vulnerable people in the community.

Out of pockets expenses will be reimbursed.

Several opportunities are available including:

• Giving presentations:

It’s Safe to Ask your doctor, nurse, pharmacists

Medication Safety

Patient Advocacy

Patient Rights

• Hosting information booths

• Outreach

• Training

> Volunteer Application Form

> Volunteer Program Brochure

To order a printed copy of the brochure and Application Form, please fill out the order form below.

Volunteer Program


1Source - The Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement, 2012 edition

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